Pictures from my trip to Turin
in February and March 2003

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Juventus-Inter 3-0: I bought a suiting scarf for the game.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: Stian leaning over the balcony of the stadium.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: 58 000 spectators were present.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: Spectacular view over "La Curva Scirea".

Juventus-Inter 3-0: The game between Juventus and Inter is known as "Il derby d'Italia".

Juventus-Inter 3-0: This is because they are the only two teams in Italy who have alway been in the Serie A.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: Fireworks are a common sight in Italy.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: The atmosphere inside the stadium was electric.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: And it increased during the game as Juventus destroyed Inter.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: This is the freekick on which Guly scored an own goal and gave Juventus the lead.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: The crowd went wild when Pavel Nedved increased the lead with a great shot from 25 metres.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: Juventus delivered a great game against Inter, after the poor performance against Manchester United.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: Mauro Camoranesi scored the third goal in the final minutes of the game.

Juventus-Inter 3-0: The humiliation of Inter was complete.

Juventus-Inter 3-0:

Juventus-Inter 3-0:

Juventus-Inter 3-0:

Juventus-Inter 3-0:

Juventus-Inter 3-0:

Juventus-Inter 3-0:

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: Me inside the stadium before Juventus-Manchester United.

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: A spectacular view over "La Curva Scirea".

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: The Delle Alpi stadium was sold out and 60 000 spectators were present.

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: This was the first time in almost two years that the stadium was sold out.

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: Fireworks in "La Curva Nord".

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: Juventus were unlucky in the first half and hit the bar two times.

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: Manchester United shocked the stadium by leading 2-0 at half time.

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3:
When Manchester United increased the lead to 3-0 there was an unrealistic silence in the stadium.

Juventus-Manchester United 0-3: We went home sad and dissapointed.

Torino February-March 2003: Stian standing in "Piazza Castello".

Torino February-March 2003: "Basilica della Consolata".

Torino February-March 2003: Me standing in "Piazza Castello".

Torino February-March 2003: "La Mole Antonelliana".

Torino February-March 2003: "Gran Madre di Dio".

Torino February-March 2003: "Parco del Valentino".

Torino February-March 2003: A reconstruction of a village from the middle ages.

Torino February-March 2003: A picture of "The Holy Shroud" in Torino.

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