Me and the players

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Every fan dreams about meeting their favourite players.
I have had the luck to meet some of the Juventus players on three different occassions.
Here you will find the pictures of me and some of the Juventus players.

Oslo 1993: Me with Del Piero, Conte, Julio Cesar and Porrini.

Oslo 1993: Me and Antonio Conte.

Oslo 1993: Me and Francesco Baldini.

Oslo 1993: Me and Andreas Møller.

Oslo 1993: Me with Dino Baggio and Moreno Torricelli.

Oslo 1993: Roberto Baggio.

Oslo 1993: Me and Roberto Baggio.

Oslo 1993: Me with Giovanni Trapattoni and Jurgen Kohler.

Oslo 1993: Me and Andrea Fortunato.

Oslo 1993: Me and Julio Cesar.

Oslo 1993: Me and Fabrizio Ravanelli.

Oslo 1993: Me and Angelo Peruzzi.

Oslo 1993: Me and Michelangelo Rampulla.

Oslo 1993: Me with Massimo Carrera and Angelo Di Livio.

Oslo 1993: Fabrizio Ravanelli and Jurgen Kohler.

Trondheim 1997: Me and Angelo Peruzzi.

Trondheim 1997: Me and Moreno Torricelli.

Trondheim 1997: Zinedine Zidane.

Torino 2001: Me and Alessandro Del Piero.

Torino 2001: David Trezeguet.


Falcioni, Lippi, Pessotto, Iuliano. Torricelli, Dimas, Ferrara, Peruzzi.

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